Keeping Your Information Safe

Safeguarding your personal information while online involves understanding the landscape as well as the precautions you can take. Explore the following areas to learn more about:

Types of Fraud & Scams

Phishing, vishing, and smishing are more than just clever internet terms. Understanding common Internet scams and threats can help you avoid the traps that criminals set. Read More » 

Recognizing Suspicious Emails & Websites

Knowing what to look for in suspicious emails and websites can help keep malware from ever reaching your computer or mobile devices. Read More » 

Create Strong Passwords

Passwords control the access to your personal and financial data online. Following best practices for creating strong passwords makes it harder for criminals to gain access to your data. Read More » 

Know Who You Are Doing Business With Online

New companies spring up on the Internet every day. There are telltale signs that can help you identify when to steer clear of a website. Read More » 

Protect your Financial Identity

Become familiar with the tools available to help you protect your identity, as well as what resources are available should you become a victim. Read More » 

Monitor Your Accounts

Monitoring your financial accounts can help catch fraud early. Tools like online banking and alerts help you keep a close watch on transactions and balances so you can detect unusual activity quickly. Read More » 

Debit Card and ATM Best Practices

Take steps to protect your debit card information and when you use it online. Take precautions when using ATM machines as well. Read More » 

Leverage Added Online Security

Bangor Savings Bank provides additional tools and features that you can leverage, which provided added layers of protection. Read More » 

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