Monitor Your Accounts

Many consumers know it’s a good idea to check and monitor their credit reports to protect their identity, but it is also good practice to regularly check and monitor you bank and credit card accounts.

Review Your Statements

Regularly check your account statements to ensure the listed transactions are legitimate. Bangor Savings Bank provides free online banking services as well, so you can track your day-to-day purchases and closely monitor transactions against your accounts. Register for our eStatements service and you’ll have access to your regular monthly checking and savings statement faster than with paper statements.


Our online banking service, Bangor Online, provides a variety of alert capabilities, helping you to catch any unusual activity on your account.

  • Email alerts are sent once a day, which can be triggered by things such as an account balance being below a certain amount. Set parameters based on your normal spending habits so that you are alerted about unusual activity.
  • Text Message alerts can be set on the banking account you use the most. These alerts allow you to monitor for low balances or large transactions and are sent out more frequently then email alerts, at three different times during the day.
  • FinanceWorks lets you track spending in a variety of categories. You can receive email alerts based on budgets you create, transactions over a specified limit, or when a credit card balance goes over a certain amount – even if it’s at another institution.


If you find unusual or unauthorized activity on your Bangor Savings Bank account, please contact Bangor Support at 1.877.Bangor1 (1.877.226.4671). If you need assistance with a credit card outside normal Care Center hours, please call 1.800.558.3424.

If you use FinanceWorks to monitor accounts at another institution, contact that institution directly to report any issues.

Additional Resources on Keeping Your Information Safe:

Please be aware that email communications are not encrypted or otherwise secure. Please do not use this form to send confidential or personal information.